Salty Wings Permission for Artists - Buy us a coffee :)

We are more than happy for artists to use our images as inspiration for their paintings, acrylics, tattoos or whatever medium you desire.

All that we ask for in return is that you tag us on social media if you post any images or video of your artwork. We would love to see the end result!

If you like you can also buy us, Michael and Jampal, a coffee by purchasing below.

This is not required for permission, it is simply a voluntary exchange of energy, if you like! Tagging us on social media is more than enough.

If the artwork is for sale or a paid commissioned work and you feel that we deserve to be paid a percentage for inspiration, you can add a tip at checkout or get in touch with us via email to discuss.

If your artwork is ever sold. We ask that you please acknowledge us and our image as the inspiration for your artwork wherever possible.