🚑*Bushfire Fundraiser*🚒


It's not business as usual here. Australia is suffering from the most catastrophic bushfire in recorded history. So, we’ve started a gofundme page to help send funds where they are needed most.

❤➡If you can please donate just $5 $10 or $20 dollars, every little contribution adds up and helps ⬅❤

In all of human history, It has never been easier to raise funds and distribute capital to where it is needed. In the palm of your hands you literally have the power to change lives at the push of a few buttons. We hope this little bit of incentive from us is enough to encourage you to donate.

We hope to raise $22,000 to donate to 8 different charities around the country. By donating with us, we hope to make it easy for you to donate to all these charities in one go. We take custodianship of your money very seriously.

We’ve donated and we hope you can too.

Much love, Michael and Jampal. Salty Wings. 

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