Aluminium - Alumalux:

Pronounced A-loo-ma-lux, this futuristic product is the combination of Chromaluxe metal panels, Sawgrass Inks and superior colour management practices. The combination of these three elements is unique to our printers, Fitzgerald Photo Imaging. 

Your print will pack a punch with colour remaining vivid and details staying clear and crisp.  

During the Sublimation process, the specifically formulated inks are infused into the metal panels, allowing for a scratch resistant, heat resistant and water proof product that is super light weight. Alumalux is kid proof and the best option for outdoor areas, bathroom and kitchen.

Alumalux prints come with metal brackets on the back, ready to hang on your wall. Alumalux prints do not have a frame around them. 

Alumalux prints cannot be ordered 'rolled'.

A finished Alumalux will be the same dimensions as the selected print size