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We're Hiring!

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Open Positions

  1. Content & Social Media Manager
  2. General Assistant with our print business and merchandise business.

We will ideally pick people who can fulfill both roles, to begin with.

An eye for curation and a unique personal style is key.

You will help us distribute content onto social media channels. We want to give you creative freedom to help us achieve unique and engaging content, stories, themes and ideas. 

Writing copy for marketing materials, blog posts, emails, socials will be a large part of your role. 

You will be highly involved in front end communication with our followers, customers and printers. You will get the chance to learn about our print business. 


Skills that would be handy, but not essential:

  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Writing, Blogging experience.
  • Shopify.
  • Canva.
  • Videography experience, filming and editing.
  • In app video creation, on social media or via editing apps.
  • Marketing, Retail, Customer experience.


If you think you may be more suited to a single role in our business, please let us know. 

Please send resume's and examples of current work to work@saltywings.com.au.

Please include handles and links to any instagram or social media accounts that you control or work on. 

Ideally located in the Perth, The Gold Coast or Byron Bay.

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