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A life in the sky. 7 years ago we set off on this aerial adventure, collecting experiences and photos from all over Australia and the world. These same photos are the ones you see here on our store. We hope you enjoye your time with us.

Salty Wings is proudly owned and operated by two Australian photographers, Jampal Williamson and Michael Goetze.

Born out of a passion for photographing remote and unique landscapes, the Salty Wings team strives to create abstract and alluring work that’s unlike anything else seen before. 



When you shop with Salty Wings, you can be assured that you are dealing directly with the artists and that your purchase goes towards supporting our small business and creative journey. At Salty Wings, we are committed to a long journey of capturing the Australian Coastline at its absolute best. We appreciate you supporting and helping us to go on that journey.

Our vision is to be a company that makes people happy, held equally in the highest regard for our commercial success and the spirit of community that we foster.

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium-quality Australian made products, services and experiences.

We value integrity, we are direct and truthful always. As we are dealing with high expectations we will act accordingly.


Who are Salty Wings?

Jampal Williamson (left) and Michael Goetze (right) are Salty Wings.

With an extensive knowledge of the Australian coastline, the duo are fascinated with the aerial medium.

The pair - who joined forces in 2016 - are considered industry leaders in the aerial space. In their first two years, they sent their drones on a 20,000km journey along the coast of Western Australia, capturing its expansive, breathtaking, earthliness in high resolution. 

Since then, Salty Wings have expanded their horizons by continuing their travels to all corners of Australia. Driven by a mission to create a gallery that all Australians can be proud of.

Today, Salty Wings takes to the sky in helicopters and planes to capture their images from new heights and at a higher resolution. 

It is this blend of mediums; the drone, helicopter and plane that Salty Wings have used to created their truly unique style of imagery.

With a focus on seascapes; a mixture of vibrant water, pristine sand and rugged rocks, Salty Wings continues to search for imagery unlike anything else seen before.

Get in touch with the team hello@saltywings.com.au

michael goetze salty dog

 Michael Goetze / @micgoetze

Photographer, Print Store Manager, Director of Saltyness.


Jampal Williamson / @_jampal

Photographer, Videographer, Art Director.






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